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8" Rain Gutters - We Bring the Machine to You

8" K-Style Seamless Gutters


8" K-Style Seamless Gutters



8" Seamless Gutters


The 8” K style continuous gutter is perfect for your Residential/Commercial or Industrial project.
The 8” K-style raingutter provides an outstanding ability to move large quantities from the roof
with a clean professional seamless look.
DiagramNo seams.


COIL WIDTH: 20” Straight Back.


Painted Steel..............26 ga. to 24 ga.
Painted Aluminum..........032” to .050”
Copper.........20 oz. to 24 oz. 3/4 hard
Painted Galvalume......26 ga. to 24 ga.
Copper Plus...................0216 to .027




  • This 8” Seamless Gutter System is great for moving water from one area to another along the roof edge on the project to divert water from low lying areas.
  • Requires less downspouts for discharge onto the ground.
  • Underground piping is reduced since there would be less downspouts to move water away from the foundation.
  • 8” Rain Gutters is the perfect size to collect all water from the roof to drain into a Cistern.


8" Gutter-Roofing 2018 Price List
( LOCAL Delivery and Sales Tax are Additional)



Over 500 ft

8" Seamless K- Style Gutters

.032 Aluminum Jobsite Drop

$ 6.00 FT

8" Aluminum Double Rib Heavy Duty Hanger

0.063 Gauge

$ 2.25 pc

8" Aluminum Single Rib Hanger

0.063 Gauge

$1.50 pc

8" Aluminum End Caps


$ 8.50 pc

8" Seamless K-Style Gutters 20 oz Copper

Call for Pricing

$ 19.00 FT

8" Copper Double Rib Heavy Duty Hanger


$7.00 pc

8" Stainless Steel Hangers

18 Gauge

$3.00 pc

8" Copper End Caps


$12.00 pc

8" Steel Single Rib Gutter Hanger

16 Gauge

$ 1.50 pc

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